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Friends of the Grande Ronde Valley

The Friends of the Grande Ronde Valley is a group of engaged citizens that desire to preserve our pristine valley, our irreplaceable way of life and our right to say how our tax dollars are spent.


After scrupulously researching the facts and truths about wind factories and their impact on our earth’s ecosystem and its inhabitants, their reliability and viability as a source of producing electricity to reduce CO2 emissions, and the feasibility of the legislative laws, mandates and standards regarding renewable energy established by our federal, state and local lawmakers, we present them for your perusal.


The knowledge that we compile is meant to educate and motivate those citizens that want to stop the devastation and deadly spoil that wind factories are leaving in their wake throughout our planet for many decades to come.


The truth will overcome.  We welcome you to join us to help make our voices heard.

Friends of the Grande Ronde Valley

to stop wind industrial sites in Union county

             There are no membership costs.  By being a member we will be able to contact you directly via phone or e-mail to keep you updated on our meetings, events, progress and of course provide you the opportunity to work along side the other members in this fight to save our valley. 
              You will also be encouraged to submit pertinent news articles, photos, and useful information to help us make sure the reality of wind power is widely known and understood.
             We have many businesses and individuals that have already supported this opposition to the destruction of our valley, please join them.



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FGRV Leadership

             Jed Farmer
              Bonnie Dunn 
   and      Linda Bond
              Linda Boettcher  
Board Members: 
               Fred Hawkins
               Janet Hume-Schwarz

The following committees were formed.  We need all the participation as possible since the wind company has a huge head start.  Please contact the chairs to help stop these "industrial sites" from invading our county.

Legal Committee
This committee researches the information inobtaining legal counsel: what would be the benefits; what would be the costs.

Co-Chair:  Tom Price               
Legislative Committee
This committee meets with state and local officials; arranges participation and attendance of county commissioner, siting councvil and special meetings in which wind power is an issue.  They will address the Goal 1 and Goal 5 issues with local officials.

Chair:  Phillip O'Reilly

Education Committee
This committee will be in charge of educating the general public about the impacts of wind power through TV, radio, newspaper (articles, letters and community comments), and orgainizing an education campaign going door -to -door.          

Siting Council Hospitality Committee
Organizes and facilitates the Siting Council meeting and visits to Union (to be coordinated with the Legislative Committee and the City of Union).

Chair:  Pat Lang

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Liaison to Oregon Department of Energy

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