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Donations critical to continuing fight against Antelope Ridge Wind Farm

We need donations since we have some bills that need to be paid by the end of the month, so any of you that can send a donation to Linda Boettcher PO Box 287, Union, Oregon  97883  541-562-5669.

We have a $3000 attorney bill.  Tom Price has agreed to contribute $1000 towards the bill and I will contribute another $1000.  Tom has contributed significantly before, as a result, Tom and Judy need to be thanked. 

Please contribute.  Dennis Wilkinson

Lana'i Hawaii  ¼ of island to be covered by turbines  

Grassroots in August
 “FGRV … Fund Raiser”

Yard Sale and Silent Auction and Bake Sale

Saturday August 14th
during Union's Grassroots

at Storage Sheds 880 S.
Main Street, Union


Members of FGRV do you have good useable items we can put in our 1st fund raiser?  Call Bonnie Dunn 541-910-0082 & leave a message for pick up of donated items or more info.


Yard Sale: Donate Useable Items: for the home & garden; books; house plants; glassware; furniture with chipping paint (shabby chic ladies LOVE this stuff) or even w/o chips!; etc. Farmers, not necessarily Jed’s relations, do you have any rusty old tools you have been stumbling over?  No clothing as it is hard to display.


Silent Auction: Donate: Antiques; One of a kind Art; One of a kind Handcrafted Quilts; or items that are rare; Specialty Services; or Gift certificates.  I am donating an antique ice cream churn and a blacksmith’s forge for the silent auction. What item do you have that you love but will donate to “Save Craig Mountain”?


Bake Sale:  Donate: your specialties & everyones favorites. Help!  Can you take charge of this table & round up goodies? 


“Save Craig Mountain” donation jar and info flyers to distribute.  


Thanks in advance for anything you can do!! Our bank account will look better and we can help the fight against the towers! 

Check the FGRV Calendar for map of location.


Bonnie Dunn

Poster Contest Winners
Poster 191 Dawson Awmiller
Dawson  Awmiller

Poster 194 Talia Welch
Talia Welch

OTHER Contestants
Poster 196 Amanda Welch
Amanda Welch

Poster 202 Kylie Marriott
Kylie Marriott

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T. Whipple

Poster 206 Tyler Olson
Tyler Olson

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Kortnee Marriott

FGRV presents ...

    The Reality of Wind Power

The event has been taped in 9 parts by GrandeRondeTV.  He has also put it on YouTube.  (please note audio of some participants is a bit distorted, participants actually don't lisp.)

Our thanks to Dan for ensuring this info is available to all. 

Grande Ronde TV website has all 9 parts @

Or below are the links in sequential order.

Part I Power Point 
Part II Power Point
Part III Power Point
Part IV Power Point
Part I Q & A
Part II Q & A
Part III Q & A
Part IV Q & A
continued Part IV Q & A

Friends of the Grande Ronde Valley present ...
The Reality of Wind Power
Wednesday, June 23, 2010 
Blue Mountain Conference Center
7:00 to 9:00 PM (doors open at 6:30 PM)
Posters will be viewed, judged and winner announced at this event.

Save Craig Mountain POSTER CONTEST
Winner to be announced at Reality of Wind Power June 23, 2010
  • Open to all ages.
  • All entries to be created in a collage format.
  • Poster size to be 11" x 17" on poster board with 1/4" margins on both sides and top and 3" margin on the bottom.
  • Use watercolor, markers, pen or pencil, acrylic paint, magazine cut outs, etc.  Your creativity is the limit!
  • Collage will encompass 5 out of the 12 categories from "Protect it Now or we will lose" below i.e., Oregon trail, migratory birds, pristine view of Craig Mountain, winter range for Elk, antelope and deer, etc.
  • The artist must sign their name at the bottom right corner along with the date, "June 2010".
  • Drop off entires on or before 3:00 PM on Friday, June 18th at Aggie's in Union or Nature's Pantry Natural Foods in La Grande.
  • All posters will be judged.
  • Poster contest winner to be announced at the Reality of Wind Power meeting on June 23rd.

The winning poster will be duplicated and used in our campaign, Save Craig Mountain.

  • Lost Business
  • by Dennis Wilkinson 5-27-10The impact of the proposed Antelope Ridge Wind Farm, even before it has been built, is destroying our community and driving away new residents and business.
    Recently a very successful business in LaGrande that employs 10-15 people wanted to expand to Union where after they had purchased property and started remodeling they discovered that ARWF was coming to town. As a result, they stopped the remodeling and put the project on hold. Economic development is now on hold as well as 10-15 more jobs that would have been created. In addition, the jobs that would have been created to do the remodeling are also not being created. This is only one business. What about all the others that are not coming to the area?
    ...  read the entire article
    Where is our stimulus money going?
    by Dennis Wilkinson, Help Save Oregon 5-14-10

        The Department of Energy (DOE) in the United States has had its hands full and bank accounts flush with grant money for wind projects where it is awarding $4 billion for wind energy projects from 2010 through 2012.     read the entire article

    Wind Farms in Hood River?  County Commissioners Vote No
    from Stop Wind Farms Here 5-17-10

    Hood River County Commissioners voted unanimously in their regular Board of Commissioners meeting on May 17, to quit their plans to build a county-owned and -operated industrial wind farm in the heart of Hood River County, Oregon.   read the entire article here

    "Stop Wind Turbines" INITIATIVE Still Being Pursued
    from Stop Wind Farms Here 5-17-10

    Despite the county's decision to stop its current wind farm effort, the "Gorge Forum" residents group is still going ahead with its ballot initiative to stop wind turbines in Hood River County.

    Please visit the Gorge Forum website for more info: Stop Wind Turbines Initiative
    Immediate Action Needed
    Power Transmission Lines through Grande Ronde Valley or not? 
      have your e-mail reach Kent McCarthy before end of work Thursday March 25, 2010
    This is what I'm including in my e-mail:                                         To: Subject: West is best Boardman to Hemmingway Route Idaho Power: I want my vote counted.  After considering the Boardman to Hemmingway route proposals the one I recommend is the West route.  I'm a member of HALT Idaho Power and a defacto PAT (project advisory team) member.
    S.Smith, Union, Oregon
    Member of Friends of Grande Ronde Valley

    For more info and see the map of central route that cuts through our valley making future wind factories more likely with transmission lines readily available.  They are planning ahead.
    Idaho Power is determined to put in more transmission lines.  This is Your Last Chance to keep them out of our valley and put another wrench into wind factory sprawl.

County Commissioners Special Meeting
County Commissioners Special meeting Thursday March 18th had a full room to watch them.  And what did we see?  Not much. 
Somebody forgot to ask the county clerk about some stuff.  Where would you find a county clerk? 
Agenda - should county put the Wind Factories up to a vote. 
Lots of questions about the whole matter, don't you think!

Will the May ballot have the
Antelope Ridge Wind Farm on it for an advisory vote? 
Here's the letter from the Oregon Secretary of State to Union County
News3-20-10  Elkhorn Wind Farm has been down since Friday, March 12th due to faulty equipment at the substation and losing grid connection.
No blinking lights to warn aircraft, but is reportedly now a "no fly zone."

FGRV Raffle Winners
September 14, 2010
Barry Featherstone
Sandy Roth
Bill McDowell

Energy Tax Benefits & Subsidies graph

Wind Energy Won't Cool Down the Planet
Wall Street Journal 8-24-10
 by Robert Bryce

The wind industry has achieved remarkable growth largely due to the claim that it will provide major reductions in carbon dioxide emissions. There's just one problem: It's not true. A slew of recent studies show that wind-generated electricity likely won't result in any reduction in carbon emissions—or that they'll be so small as to be almost meaningless.

This issue is especially important now that states are mandating that utilities produce arbitrary amounts of their electricity from renewable sources. By 2020, for example, California will require utilities to obtain 33% of their electricity from renewables. About 30 states, including Connecticut, Minnesota and Hawaii, are requiring major increases in the production of renewable electricity over the coming years.
click here for the entire article  
Does money grow
in wind farms?

Wind turbines are a poor way to harnesss energy - but a very good way to generate public subsidies, says Andrew Gilligan.  June 13, 2010


Excerpt:  One analysis of the government figures, albeit commissioned by wind farm opponents, suggested that Britain’s biggest wind farm – the 140-turbine installation at Whitelee, near East Kilbride – operated to just 7.3 per cent of its capacity that year.


Mrs Clegg has acted with characteristic business acumen. These aren’t just wind farms – they’re subsidy farms. As well as turning a blade or two, at least when the wind is blowing, they’re about to start turning a very healthy profit.  Read the entire article
Swollen Columbia River churns so much electricity BPA is giving some away
by Ted Sikinger, The Oregonian 6-12-10

Water shoots back up from the flow defectors immediately below the spillway at Chief Joseph Dam in Washington.  The deflectors help moderate oxygen levels to protect fish when river levels are unusually high. 
click here to see photo and read entire article

Horizon rep's "facts" questionable

Letter to Horizon Wind Energy dated June 11, 2010

excerpt:  "Your project manager, Valerie Franklin, was on "Your Voice" SuperTalk AM 1450 this morning wherein several misstatements were again presented."
read the entire letter for the long list of misstatements

The Wind Spin
published in The Nickel 9-23-10

Wind Salesmen mimic the battle cries of environmentalism to sell their industry, often in ways as deceptive or contrary as to mock the very movement they claim to promote.  You will often hear wind salesmen, and politicians who want to look and promote 'green,' make the following claims: 
click to read the entire ad, its a good one

Pacific Power raising rates 14.3%

Via Wescom News Service
By Adrianne Jeffries published in The Bulletin 7-14, 2010

Pacific Power finalized an agreement with state regulators and ratepayer advocates this week that will increase residential customer’ rate by 7.9 percent and all customer’ rates by an average of 8.4 percent next year, the company said Tuesday.

That general rate increase, to pay for wind projects and other infrastructure the company invested in, comes on top of an increase based on market prices for power that would raise residential rates by 5.1 percent and rates for all customers by an average of 5.9 percent.  In Northeast Oregon, Pacific Power serves Wallowa County.  read the rest of the article

2nd RAI from ODE to Horizon
This document, dated August 27, 2010, is the 2nd RAI (Request for Additional Information) ODE (Oregon Department of Energy) has sent to Horizon re:  ARWF (Antelope Ridge Wind Farm).

Willow Creek told it must
quiet down

by Erin Mills East Oregonian 9-29-10

A reluctant Morrow County Planning Commission finally spelled it out for Invenergy, the developer of the Willow Creek Wind Project: not only is the project too loud for nearby homes, but Inverergy will be paying for another noise study once its six-month grace period is up. 
click to read the entire article

Daily Policy Digest 7-8-10

Wind power is clean (i.e. carbon-free in its production), and this remains a large part of policymakers' attration to it.  However, the negativbe aspects of wind power are apparent, yet often overlooked.  Everincreasing wind generation will have a significant impact on the reliability and affordability of electricty in the Pacific Northwest that very well might outweigh any of the claimed environmental benefits, says the Cascade Policy Institute.
read the entire report listing Integration problems, Integration costs, and voluntary choice versus mandates

 Negotiate or Not
June 4, 2010
read the full 24 page report here

Is Our Health in Jeopardy?  (their wealth or our health?)
by S. C. Smith
    From the FGRV February/March 2010 Newsletter
    Is everyone allergic to bee stings or peanuts or rag weed? No. We are all “wired” differently. Our individual reactions are varied. Not all people have adverse reactions to wind turbines, their low frequency noise (LFN), the flickering of beacons, the “thumping” of their blades, etc. The range of negative health effects from wind turbines is becoming more widely acknowledged. Scientists and
clinical researchers are continuing to gather data and sort through monitoring methods, as well as the types, ranges and levels of low frequency noise (LFN), and the diverse negative health problems and symptoms associated with wind turbine energy production.
    The Elkhorn Wind Farm now in operation in southern Union County, Oregon has wind turbines near enough to Fay and Rod Swanson’s home to negatively impact Fay’s health.  But what was unexpected, on the night the wind turbines were revved up for the first time on December 6, 2007, was Fay’s eyes swelling shut. On that evening Fay and her husband Rod noticed particles drifting down from the wind turbines. They speculate that a coating on the blades heated up and flaked off and the now operational turbine blades were dispersing the flakes onto their property.  She’d never had allergies but that was the clinic's best guess about her eyes.
    Fay Swanson continues to experience negative health effects from the loss of sleep, dizziness, physical pressure throughout her body, loss of focus and concentration, as well as at least one episode of bleeding from her nose, mouth and ears with no other apparent causation. Fay continues
to experience several other physical ill effects which can be attributed to Wind Turbine Syndrome.     Wind turbines are about 1,500 feet from the Swanson’s property. That’s the legal allowable distance turbines have to be from a residence.
    After a 5 year study on the physical effects of Wind Turbines for the University of Columbia Medical Research, Dr. Nina Pierpont, MD has published the book "Wind Turbine Syndrome." One suggestion that Dr. Pierpont makes is that “In hilly or mountainous topographics, where valleys
act as natural channels for noise … set-back should be extended anywhere from 2-3 miles from homes.”
    The effects of wind technology are not fully known and are still being researched. The Antelope Ridge Wind Farm will traverse 47,000 acres above the Grande Ronde Valley. Some of the proposed 182 wind turbines will be a little more than half a mile from the city of Union. Are you willing to be a guinea pig?

Wind Turbine Lease Considerations for Landowners
EC-1394, February 2009 
Dwight Aakre, Farm Management Specialist   Ron Haugen, Farm Management Specialist

Legal, binding contracts between landowners and wind energy development companies are a necessary part of any wind farm development project.  The tendency nay be to streamline the developnet process to move the project ahead faster.  Landowners may be told the contracts they are being asked to sign are standard contracts for wind projects and the terms of the contract are fixed and the sane for everyone.  However, until a contract is signed, any and all of the contract provisions are negotiable.
read the entire article

Boardman to Hemingway Transmission Lines:
Letter to PUC in response to their staff recommendations
by Dennis Wilkinson 7-11-10

In response to PUC staff recommendations, the question is, who benefits from the proposed Boardman to Hemingway Transmission Line which would run through Grande Ronde Valley? 
read the entire letter

Response to
or Not

Letter to Oregon Consensus dated June 14, 2010
excerpt:  "The entire report was all about having more meetings between the City of Union and the Union County commissioners to find ways to mediate a way so that development of the wind farm project could move ahead expeditiously." 

The letter continues "However, what is needed is for the wind farm developer to come to terms with the unique situation here in Eastern Oregon."

And concludes with, "The Consensus Report did nothing to help solve the issues regarding this wind farm.  If they really want to solve this issue, then the negotiator needs to put the demands onto Horizon not the people of Union County and the City of Union." 
read the entire letter

Stray Voltage
by Dennis Wilkinson, Help Save Oregon 5-12-10

  Some recent information has come to my attention which works in the favor of being able to stop the development of the Antelope Ridge Wind Farm (ARWF). This information has been forwarded to the Commissioners, Siting Council and the Department of Energy.
On April 23, 2010, a jury in Grant County, Lancaster, Wisconsin awarded a family $5 million in a stray voltage lawsuit.
    The decision against Scenic Rivers Energy Cooperative of Lancaster came after a month of testimony in the case, brought in 2007 by Bollant Farms and Steven, Delores and Thomas Bollant. The family contended that power lines reduced milk production, killed calves and led to twisted stomachs in cows from 2002 to 2008.
    The jury gave the Bollants $3.75 million for the economic impact to their farm and $1.25 million for discomfort and suffering.
read the entire article

"From Wheat to Wind"
by Rodger Nichols, The Dalles Chronicle May 30, 2010

OPB was in Gorge 5-27-10 / on radio 5-31-10

Excerpt ... “Part of the conversation that needs to take place concerns the Oregon energy policy, or lack thereof,” said Morrow County Planning Director Carla McLane. “This burst in renewable energy is based on the state’s renewable energy portfolio standard, which requires the state have 25 percent renewable energy by 2025. The standard was implemented without much thought relative to where the power would be developed, how it would be moved, how to balance the location of the development to assure regular power delivery and other considerations.”


The Morrow County Planning Commission voted Tuesday to give the owners of the Willow Creek wind farm six months to comply with state noise regulations.
 read the entire article

Mitigate = appease

Letter to FGRV dated May 21, 2010

excerpt: "To mitigate many of the wildlife issues, health, tourism, our quality of life and property value loss is impossible; as a result, the wind turbines need to be placed out of critical wildlife habitat and where they will not affect our county and its citizens.  These things cannot be mitigated.  That means no industrial wind factories in Union County." 
read the entire letter

FACT - Wind energy is not green:
  • it does not reduce the number of fossil fuel electric generation plants;
  • it destroys ecosystems, wildlife habitat & aquifers during construction & beyond;
  • it kills birds (at least 3 Golden Eagles have been so far reported killed at Elkhorn Wind Farm) and causes wildlife to migrate elsewhere;
  •  it contaminates soil & wetlands with chemicals & oils;
  • it fills the air with Electro Magnetic Pulses and echoed noise of blades and machinery;
  •  it displaces the open vistas with blinking lights & silhouettes of metalic monsters that are taller than the Statue of Liberty.

What's green about wind energy generated by industrial wind complexes:
  • your dollars (green backs) given away as tax credits and subsidies;
  • your dollars paying for wind energy infrastructure to transport electricity to other areas (OTEC Super Talk posdcast 9-16-10 estimates your electric rates will increse in October 2011);
  • your green federal tax stimulus dollars going overseas for the production of wind machines/ turbines as part of "job creation"
Conservation Is More Effective
Than Wind Energy

National Wind Watch     press release        July 30, 2007

"A little conservation can replace the perceived need to build giant wind turbines that do so much more harm than good."  click to read the entire press release

Editor's note:  That is the literal 'bottom line' of what National Wind Watch concluded in their press release almost 4 years ago.  Let's make up for lost time.
Take the FGRV 3% challenge today!

Taking a Stand Against the Proposed Antelope Ridge Wind Farm
Picketers 1-11-10 Island Ave.
Citizens rally on Island Avenue showing SIGNS OF CONCERN
photo by B.A.Lert, IFW 

They gathered independently, not as representatives of any group. 
Let's hope that Mount Emily in the background
will never be the target of a wind industrial complex.  Wind monitoring is being done across the valley and over in Wallawa Valley.  What's next?
We agree, it's time to say NO MORE WIND FARMS.

Maine - Rollins Mountain Construction
(are you going to let this happen to your valley? ifw)


Rollins Mtn 600
The white tubes are inserted into drilled holes for dynamiting.
They are blasting away this area to level it for a turbine pad. Note the slope.

photo by
Blueyes1119  see all photos of construction site

Craig Mountain will have 164 areas leveled for turbine pads across 47, 000 acres each connected by wide roads to accommodate the transport of the turbines, nacelles, gravel, cement, etc.   Please view the rest of the photos (at link above) of the devastation from construction on Maine's Rollins Mountain.  Please join our battle to defend our valley's mountains from this devatation.