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Drainage (watershed) letter & Map
Letter to Oregon Department of Energy
" ... after review of Horizon proposal and drainage map ...  obvious there will be a significant loss of wetlands on Craig Mountain by construction of the project.  ..." 
    Read the letter and view the map to understand one of the many issues we have in our opposition to the Antelope Ridge Wind Farm.  read the entire letter

Oregon's High Desert and Wind Energy Opportunities and Strategies for Responsible Development May 2009

(excerpted from the May 2009 report) 
This report provides an initial analysis of wildlife habitats and landscapes sensitive to wind developments throughout Oregon’s high desert. Some of these lands and species are sufficiently sensitive or unique to require the exclusion of wind energy development altogether, while other categories would permit wind energy development if certain best practices are implemented. By overlaying wind resource potential with these other natural values, a picture emerges showing where wind power development will have the least social conflict and environmental impact.
  read the entire report


Projects in Oregon and Washington - completed, under construction, and being reviewed.
Wouldn't it be a good idea to get an update on how these wind turbines are: cutting our energy costs; reducing our dependence on foreign oil;  reducing the number of fossil fuel energy plants; cutting the CO2 emissions. 

Aren't these some of the "good" reasons we are ripping apart our mountains, valleys and prairies and subsidizing this new technology with millions of your tax dollars? see the listing

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