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Wind Farm Economics 101
Wind farm developers may have a strong incentive to sell off or abandon their projects once tax benefits have been captured (5-6 years for accelerated depreciation; 10 years for production tax credits), turbine performance deteriorates, and/operating and maintenance costs escalate.

Economics may dictate abandonment
of individual windmills or entire wind farms before the end of land rental contracts or current estimates of the useful life of the turbines. When and if this happens, there will be no property
tax revenue, jobs will disappear and landowner leases will be worthless since no revenue will be generated. Then we will all be left looking at the rusting bone yard.
Your letters are important ~
This page has many Sample Letters to use when writing to the Energy Facility Siting Council, our County Commissioners, Governor, state and US senators and representatives asking them to stop wind power.

When writing your letters, make them personal, but also address the specific "OAR Standards" as referenced in the following letters.

You can cut and paste one of these sample letters onto your text program and adjust as needed. 

You will find names and addresses to send your letters to on our Contact Everyone Else page. 

Sample letter S1

FGRV logo






Dear (Energy Facility Siting Council, Governor, state and US Senators, Representatives and County Commissioners):


     As a resident of Union County, I urge you to not allow any more wind turbines to come into our beautiful valley. We see the destruction and devastation Elkhorn Wind Farm has created with the loss of the fragile ecosystem and wildlife. The destruction caused by wind industrial complexes is just beginning to be properly monitored and studied. Recent reports are a huge blow to the myth of wind power being “green.”


Bats play an important part in the balance of nature by eating up to 600 insects an hour. At one east coast wind complex, it was reported that 2,000 bats were killed during a six week period. Bats are long-lived mammals and have one offspring each per year. The loss of large numbers of bats adds to the yearly cost of spraying for mosquitoes and other unwanted insects. Isn’t it “greener’ to have more bats and less Vector Control spraying?


     Wind turbines produce heat, which attracts the bugs, and the bats follow their food supply into the blades. Researchers also have noted that “the bats don’t even need to be hit by the blades.” Barotraumas is a condition that occurs when there is a change in air pressure at the end of the rotating turbine blades causing the blood vessels in bats to rupture, killing the animal. Bats literally drop from the sky. One report found that 90% of bat fatalities at wind energy facilities involved death consistent with barotraumas.


     I don’t believe the long-term trade-offs of the destruction of a species and the losses our ecosystem will have to endure have been adequately considered by those that represent us.




Your signature

Print: Your name and address




Sample letter S2

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Dear (Energy Facility Siting Council, Governor, state and US Senators and Representatives and County Commissioners):


As a resident of Union County, my wife (or husband, family, loved ones, etc.) and I have chosen to live in Union County because we value the solitude, serenity, and pristine environment.  We will lose all of this along with our health and well-being due to the effects of EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) and LFN (Low Frequency Noise), the flickering of beacons, or echoing noise of “whommp, whommp” of the blades generated by wind turbines.


Researchers suggest no human should live within five miles from wind turbines because of possible negative health effects. The City of Union is within one and a half miles of the 164 turbines of the proposed Antelope Ridge Wind Farm. This proposed wind industrial complex plans to surround our community on three sides.


In response to Dr. Nina Pierpont’s book, “Wind Turbine Syndrome” recording a five year study on the physical effects of wind turbines, Dr. McMurtry stated “…there is accumulating evidence of adverse health effects from Japan, New Zealand, the UK, USA, and Canada. There are also 357 organizations from 19 European countries demanding enquiry by the European Union about health and many other adverse effects of wind farms.”


This issue is not an OAR Standard in which our fate is decided; however, it is extremely critical that a moratorium be considered. Extensive monitoring and long term studies on the effects of EMP and LFN desperately need to be done so that my family, friends and I do not become guinea pigs.


Renewable energy is all about being good for our environment. How about the health of its inhabitants?


Your signature

Print: Your name and address


Sample letter S3

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Dear (US Senators and Representative):


Here in Eastern Oregon we are being inundated with wind farms that are destroying our way of life and environment in the name of renewable energy when in fact that is not the case.

Because the wind does not always blow, additional back up sources have to be built and run 24/7, making the wind farm electricity solution an increase in CO2 emissions.

Additionally, wind only generates 1% of our electricity while destroying thousands of acres of Oregon’s fragile ecosystem.

Wind energy by itself will not improve the quality of our air, but it is destroying Oregon’s greatest assets, its beautiful landscape and wildlife.

I urge you to vote NO on anymore wind farm subsidies!


Your signature

Print: Your name and address




Sample letter S4

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Dear (Energy Facility Siting Council, Governor, state and US Senators and Representatives and County Commissioners):


The earth is a living planet and everything we do affects all living things. The impact that the Antelope Ridge Wind Farm will have to the greater sage grouse species will be devastating.


Recent research has found noise from wind turbines travels further than audible noise, is ground borne and felt through vibrations. A 10 decibel increase in noise within a few 100 meters of a wind farm reduces listening area by 90%.


The male sage grouse uses low pitched hooting sounds in mating displays. Turbine noise will reduce the range in which female and male sage grouse can communicate and substantially reduce the radius of the display ground. This was recently reported in research conducted by Barber, Crooks and Fristrup, National Park Service and Colorado State Scientists.


A potential new “lek,” sage grouse breeding ground, was found in 2009 between the proposed Antelope Ridge Wind Farm boundary and the Elkhorn wind project. Sage grouse leks are designated Category 1 habitat, irreplaceable and essential.


Please reconsider the Antelope Ridge Wind Farm project and say “no” to their application. For the production of 1% of the energy that will go to another state, please do not put our wildlife at risk.


Your signature

Print: Your name and address



Sample letter S5


FGRV logo





Dear (Energy Facility Siting Council, Governor, state and US Senators and Representatives and County Commissioners):


It is with a heavy heart that I (we) write to you about the proposed Antelope Ridge Wind Farm here in Union County. The decisions you make, we will have to live with decades to come.


What happens when technology advances rapidly, like computers and cell phones? We will be left with 164 rusting hulks of steel that will be filled with 140,000 gallons of contaminated oil. What will we do with the 492 fiberglass propellers that weigh 9.6 tons each that are not biodegradable? Only the top three feet of the 80 foot by 80 foot by 10-20 foot concrete pad will be removed. What can grow in three to 17 feet of concrete?


In the OAR 345-027-0020 Mandatory Conditions in Site Certificates is supposed to deal with decommissioning. However, there are no specifications or requirements for determining when a project becomes dysfunctional or does not provide minimal power. A wind factory can be left standing and rusting away for decades as has been the case with thousands left spinning, producing nothing but bird and bat kills.


Our destiny is in your hands. Please decide wisely.


Your signature

Print: Your name and address



Sample letter S6


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Dear (Energy Facility Siting Council, Governor, state and US Senators and Representatives and County Commissioners):


When we learned that 164, 40 story-wind turbines were coming into our beautiful county, we first were in shock, then in despair knowing that our way of life, our health and our environment will be sacrificed. Unfortunately, the Oregon Trail wagon ruts are on the chopping block, too.


The wagon ruts are in jeopardy from being lost to the Antelope Ridge Wind Farm at the steepest decline in the trail on Craig Mountain. This particular site has Class 1 ruts and is identified on the NPS’s 1981 and 1999 Comprehensive Management and Use Plan as a “High Potential Route Segment” and on the NPS Oregon Trail pamphlet. It is identified on every map of the Oregon Trail. It is highly visible to more than three and one-half million travelers on Interstate 84 every year. The site is a High Potential Route Segment in accordance with the provision of the National Trails System Act of 1968.


Did you know that Horizon Wind was notified in June 2009 of the significance of this historical landmark?


Please take into careful consideration what will be lost to our heritage should the wind farm project be approved. Once removed, the Oregon Trail ruts will be gone forever. Their fate is in your hands.


Your signature

Print: Your name and address






Sample letter S7


FGRV logo



Dear (Energy Facility Siting Council, County Commissioners, Governor, state and US Senators and Representatives):


Scenic Union County is beautifully unique with its irreplaceable ecology and magnificent mountains.  The residents of Union County have the particular privilege of enjoying the many faces of the mountains, hillsides, flora and fauna of this unique treasure.  Every year numerous articles appear in local and state publications beautified by photos of the pristine mountains of the Blue Mountains, Wallowa Mountains and the Elkhorn’s.  We may be taking this for granted.


Horizon Wind has discovered the winds of Eastern Oregon. If the next year or two proves favorable for them, 164 wind towers that stand 40 stories high will begin to change the picturesque scenery of Craig Mountain and Ramo Flat.  There are other considerations that need to be brought forth on determining the fate of our valley.


There are endangered plants in the site boundary area of the Antelope Ridge project, three to be specific.

  • One is Douglas’s Clover, a federal species of concern that could be impacted by the roads.
  • The next is Ribseed Desert Parsley, though it carries no federal or state status, it is a newly described species, found only on uncommon clay soil and is considered rare.
  • The third and rarest is the Oregon Semaphore grass which is listed as a state species of concern.


Dr. Karen Antell, Botany professor at EOU said “This is obviously an important botanical area with so many rare species occurring with a limited geographic range. Oregon semaphore grass is extremely rare, with only two known sites in the world.”


Do we need to take our photos now?  I’m sure future generations will value them.  Maybe they will be seen in public buildings alongside the photos of Celilo Falls.  I personally believe the irreplaceable scenic value and natural resources of this unique ecosystem are immeasurably worth preserving, and that this value far outweighs temporary economic gain for a few.


Please say “No to wind power.”


Your signature

Print: Your name and address


Disaster for the county
Letter to the Editor published in the LaGrande Observer 2-15-10

To the Editor: 
    As a 31-year resident of the city of Union, I think that Horizon's Antelope Ridge wind farm expansion would be a disaster for Union and Union County from every aspect imaginable --- tourism, long-term economics, property values, aesthetics, livability and in general, destruction of the rural charm and character that has made Union and this area an attractive place to call home.  It appears that this giant industrial project is being rammed down our throats with next to zero regard for the natural scenic beauty that many if not most local residents highly value about their home and area.
    If the city of Union becomes surrounded as planned on three sides by wind turbines, transmission llines, service roads, substations and electrical infrastructure, I for one will likely leave the area and take my retirement income (and local spending) with me.  For our area, this kind of outward migration is an example of, in effect, more than one good "job/income" lost as a direct consequence of the transformation and lasting blight that will occur with this massive development.  The talk of a few jobs gained must be balanced against the likely loss of incomes contriuted by retired residents like myself (who can live anywhere we choose to live), as well as the death of tourism to --- at the very least --- the city of Union.
    For every person who will benefit directly from this development, thousands will gain nothing but an in-your-face day and night view of hundreds of giant wind turbines.  Please think about the consequences of this project, and remind your county commissioners that the unspoiled beauty of Union County is its greatest asset.
Jim Myron, Union

Not private property isssue
Letter to the Editor published in the LaGrande Observer 3-12-10

To the Editor:
    I am writing in response to the Feb. 23 letter from the Hutchinson Ranch, Seven Diamond Ranch and Which-A-Way Ltd. Partnership regarding the proposed windmills for Craig Mountain and Union.  While I respect their views, I believe they are missing a vital point to the story.
    We, as taxpayers, are paying for those windmills.  In fact, the wind industry would not exist without the large government subsidies and tax credits it receives.  That means that my tax dollars and your tax dollars are paying for those windmills and paying off these landowners.   How simple it would be if it were merely a landowner issue. 
    If the wind companies were independent, self-funded private ventures, then the private landowners would have "the right" to do as they please with their land, assuming land use laws allowed.  But this is far from the case.
    Accoring to Horizon, the Elkhorn Wind Farm and the proposed Antelope Ridge Wind Farm will only provide revenue to 30 ranches or farms while thousands locally will be stuck with the consequences, not to mention the hundreds of thousands who have paid their taxes to subsidize these inefficient monsters.  We all pay our taxes, and many of us hire people and contribute to the economy.
    The truth is these landowners have stumbled into a windfall that has warped their minds and pitted them against neighbors and friends.  If they were true stewards of the land, they wouldn't lace it with roads (and the accompanying invasive weeds and grasses) and 500-foot wind turbines that kill birds and bats and displace other wildlife species.  If keeping the ranch in the family depends on chance income from windmills, then maybe a career change is in order.  Sorry, folks, this goes way beyond "protecting private property rights."  What about protecting Oregonian tax dollars?
Dennis Wilkinson, Cove

Get maximum benefit
Letter to the Editor published in the LaGrande Observer 3-19-10

To the Editor:
    Horizon Wind, or Antelope Ridge Wind Power Project, has opened negotiations with our Union County commissioners to develop a Strategic Investment Program (SIP) for the wind farm.
    Without a SIP, Horizon would pay approximately $6 million in property tax the first year after construction.  With a SIP, Horizon would pay approximately $700,000 in taxes and fees the same first year, a difference of $5.3 million.
    The commissioners are negotiating for impact mitigation to capture a portion of that difference under the SIP.  These negotiations are not open to the public; therefore, we can only hope the strategy of the commissioners are in the county's best interest.  Hopefully, it will not be for "one time" projects off a "wish list."  In the case of the Elkhorn wind farm at Telocaset, there was no negotiation for impact mitigation, and the county left a $2.5 million difference as a "windfall" for Horizon over the first two years.
    Since Antelope Ridge will be depreciating each year, the difference with or without a SIP will also be reducing at a similar rate.  Our best strategy would be to have a factored percentage of that difference paid into the county.  For Horizon, it's strictly about the bottom line.  For the commissioners, it's about the most benefit to the county.  If the county were to receive 95 percent of the difference annually, it would amount to $5 million in the first year.  Antelope Ridge would pay $300,000 less in fees.
    Call or e-mail the commissioners and urge them to negotiate for an annual percentage of the difference so we can realize the maximum benefit to our county.  After all, we're all going to be staring at the rotating propellers during the day and the flashing bright red lights at night.
    If you're curious what you will be living with, take a drive over to North Powder or Haines some evening.
Jed Farmer, Union

To the Editor:

I am responding to Chris Haefer’s April 12th letter “Support wind farm”. I respect Mr. Haefer’s support for wind energy, but I am curious why he felt a need to be so mean spirited toward the City of Union, calling us the “low rent district for Union County.” It is true that our mill shut down several years ago, and I agree, we need job opportunities here. I do not think that anyone would begrudge businesses and contractors profiting from the construction of the wind farm should it become a reality.

However, if it is suggested that employment at the wind farm after construction, will compare to the number of jobs lost at the mill, this is not true. The project has little or no economic benefit for the City of Union. We have had experience with the Elkhorn Valley wind farm installation. While some businesses and suppliers benefited during construction phase, this project did not provide any significant long-term employment.

The City of Union has worked hard to attract visitors and share in Union County’s 33.2 million dollar tourism trade, and has consulted professionals to help guide us. The oldest commercial brick building in Oregon is among our 44 buildings on the historic register. People come to stay in Union’s Historic Hotel, visit the museum, and photograph the Victorian homes here. So to say that Union is not a tourist destination is not true.

In regards to possible health effects of windmills on people, this is an issue that needs to be resolved through scientific investigation before more windmills are placed near where people live.

Do windmills devalue property? The City of Union appointed a committee to research the impacts of Antelope Ridge Wind Farm on our city. The committee examined several studies and found that property did, in fact, devalue. The more proximate the property to the wind farm, the greater the devaluation. The City of Union will be surrounded closely on three sides by the proposed wind project.

Are windmills harmful to bats? The wind company has surveyed bat mortality in the Elkhorn project, and found that bat mortality is similar to other wind farms in the Pacific Northwest. However, Antelope Ridge Wind project will be constructed more near coniferous forest and it is unknown if these areas will have yet higher numbers of bat deaths. Also, the Elkhorn project study did not address barotraumas, a condition where bats die, not from collision, but from simply flying through the vortex created by the spinning turbine blades.

The point I most want to make here is – beyond plausible concerns for human health and ecological effects posed by the proposed Antelope Ridge Wind project. It seems Mr. Haaefer’s take is that objections to this wind project have no merit. I respectfully disagree. Even to those who accuse us of simply saying “not in my backyard”, I say our backyard is unique, and our greatest asset as a community, and should be protected from deleterious industrial development.

Now is the time to listen respectfully and learn from each other, because in the end a handful of people who do not live here will make this decision for us. We will all have an opportunity to make our case for, or against the project at the public comment phase of the siting process. I believe this wind factory will have a negative impact on the City of Union, the people here and the natural environment that surrounds us. I am against it.
Letha Joseph
Union, Oregon

Wolf - Wind - both invaders
(e-mail response to an e-mail announcement of anti-wolf meeting in Wallawa County)

Hello Vicki,

I received notice of tonight’s (April 12th ) Wolf meeting from a friend who lives in your valley. We do not live in your area but are your neighbors over the hill in Grande Ronde Valley. Specifically, Union, Oregon. We won't be at your meeting but would be interested in getting any info via e-mail that you have about the wolf invasion.

There has been some local concern and mention of the wolf problem in our news. There is no ground swell opposing wolves in Grande Ronde Valley; yet.

                Like an infectious disease, your problem may be ours and vice versa.

I don't have a herd of cattle to protect against wolves; I don't hike along the mountain trails wandering and wondering if I should have armed myself in case a wolf crosses my path; I don't hunt and end up empty handed because the deer or elk herds were scattered or thinned out because of wolves. But I do resent federal edicts forcing their "good ideas" onto the individual States.

                We, in Grande Ronde Valley are fighting against another “good idea”, the Wind factories. I hope you visit or and become familiar with what might become your problem.  I am a member of FGRV but do not represent nor speak for The Friends of the Grande Ronde Valley in offering my personal views in this letter.   

Can you imagine wind factories high above your valley, perched between you and the Grande Ronde Valley? Any attention you can give to our problem of wind factories can only help you.   Please consider sharing this letter with those at your meeting.

The "good idea" of Wind Farms that Telocaset, North Powder, and Baker County are now suffering under the shadow of,  did not register as a problem for most of us in the Grande Ronde Valley until the Antelope Ridge Wind Farm was proposed.  Some accepted Telocaset’s Elkhorn Wind Farm as an eco friendly - green energy necessity.  We now know: that stimulus money, state tax credits and our tax dollars are subsidizing the wind energy industry; that wind energy is not reliable; that wind energy is not cutting down on any type of pollution.  Wind energy threatens our wildlife, historic Oregon Trail, our health and our pristine valley.

                Our Union County Commissioners thought the neighboring Elkhorn Wind Farm was a "good idea" because our State thought it was a "good idea" because the federal government thought it was a "good idea" because, etc. That leads to another discussion for another time.

                Our Oregon State OARs, our local land use ordinances, and none of our politicians are equipped to properly handle the problems that come with new technology such as wind energy.       Long term problems are continuing to be studied. The results are becoming known. Oregon Field Guide had a good segment about bat kill. It was most interesting to hear that bats don't have to be actually hit by the blades to die. When flying near the blades the change of air pressure causes the bat’s internal organs to explode. Besides that report, we depend upon bats as a natural control of mosquitoes.  If bats don't eat the mosquitoes we have to spray our water ways, which kills beneficial insects along with the mosquitoes and it adds to the county's cost of vector control. 

                Negative health effects to humans can include symptoms similar to those experienced by deep sea divers. Varied types of noise affect people differently. Monitoring of these different types of noises is still being debated among the scientists. How can we allow ourselves to be guinea pigs?

                Wildlife studies between 2005 and 2008 on Elkhorn Wind Farm show that herds have migrated away from the wind turbines. If Antelope Ridge Wind Farm is approved further migration from new turbines on our Valley’s hills will force the herds back onto the valley floor where crops are grown and cattle grazes. How can our farmers and ranchers deal with that economic damage?

                There is nothing proving that wind energy benefits anyone but those building and maintaining the wind factories. Besides the actual road building and on site assembly, the “building” or manufacturing of the turbines is mostly done in other countries. Manufacturing of turbines in the US has slowed down because more and more wind farms are being opposed in the US. The eastern states refusal to absorb more wind factories is forcing the wind factories to blow west.  We need jobs but figure in the actual cost in tax dollars and the long term costs to rural Oregon and it just doesn’t make sense. 

                No fossil fuel energy plants here or throughout Europe have been replaced by wind energy. In fact, increased technical manipulation at traditional energy plants, to turn down and ramp up power, is needed to accommodate wind fluctuations.

                We need to tell our elected officials that we are not going to be forced to accept other people’s “good ideas” any more.  They need to know that “reintroduction of natural species” or “eco-friendly energy” do not serve our needs if the real consequences of these “other people’s good ideas” are not known.

Susan Smith   541-562-9039                  


My name is Fay Stein-Swanson, I am 61 years old and I have lived in my home at 68562 Telocaset Lane, Union, Oregon 97883 for 27 years. I loved my home and the Grande Ronde Valley. Now, I dread being in the place we put our “all” into making it wonderful.

On December 6, 2007 they turned on the wind turbines. Mind you, that we were never notified of any meetings of approval or disapproval. The families that weren’t profiting lived here for 19, 25, and 40 years, but the county commissioners and planners said we weren’t on the tax lot. I got sick the first day, my eyes swelled up, my face was swollen, I had a rash, couldn’t sleep, my throat was sore, my ears felt like they were under water and once bled, my joints ached, my chest felt huge pressure, I got nausea, felt dizzy, had vertigo, anxiety, depression, feel like a prisoner, and I get “better” when I go away. I can’t afford to go away all the time. I can’t afford to stay.

Birds and bats are being slaughtered here. The natural migratory paths of the antelope, elk and deer have been destroyed. Plant life and small animal and insect life destroyed, 23 miles of roads put in our agricultural / ranch lands.

Wind power is not green energy, but red with the blood of our Oregon. It makes a few rich for a great cost to our once beautiful Oregon. It has to stop. A petition should be made to tear down all wind sites and return our home land back to its real purpose; to keep Oregon green. Industrial garbage and greed is all that wind energy is truly about.

I am not protected. I should not have these towers near me. They should be removed. I am a university graduate, I am very community minded, but I am not a happy camper and Oregon / Union County owes me and all who have been suffering as wind power’s guinea pigs our homes back to what they were before.

Fay Stein-Swanson
68562 Telocaset Lane
Union, Oregon 97883

State should not be subsidizing wind industry
letter to Senator David Nelson

written by Dale McKain published in East Oregonian 9-2-10
Sen. David Nelson:
I have been thinking about contacting you lately to see what it would take to sponsor a bill to stop tax credits from bleeding the Oregon State Treasury. I feel that for a business to receive Oregon tax credits it should show worthy cause and have to prove itself creditable by sustaining a full-time employment base of gainfully employed Oregonians. I remember when I moved to Pendleton that Oregon once had a "Tax-Back Kicker" for Oregonians, and I think I remember some folks that got a balanced budget state check back from that program.

I used to own the fly fishing shop in Pendleton. Wind turbine employee dollars came into my shop and that was nice, but all of those guys were from out of state, and were here for only 6 to 8 months, then gone - poof! - like the wind. I see the wind turbine industry hiring quite a few out-of-state workers to construct their project sites and erect their turbines, and then they are gone. I see all the vehicles bringing wind turbine parts into our area with out-of state vehicle tags on them. All these guys seem to be taking the money and running back to their home states or home country. Poof! - gone like the wind with our Oregon tax credits.

I also have a question as to why Oregon is giving tax credits to an industry in an economy that used to be - should be - based on capitalism? Sen. Nelson I feel that if a company/business/industry is not profitable, it should sink, go out of business and disappear. Are we propping up Gov. Teddy's "green" ego with our taxes?

Why is the state of Oregon giving tax credits to any industry, then making budget cutbacks in education, law enforcement, public health and safety?

Can the Legislature honestly say that this is the best use of our tax dollars at work? I am not a happy camper with this picture.

Why is the state of Oregon giving tax credits to subsidize an industry that produces energy at a best rate of 30 percent efficiency for a 95 percent out-of-state consumer base? I feel that if the residents of California and other states need Oregon wind energy and exclusive farm use (EFU) lands, let them pay for 95 percent of it.

Sen. Nelson, can you help me understand why this is?

Please help us keep our tax dollars at home to help Oregonians in need of health care, education and law enforcement/ public safety. Please help us protect the Blue Mountains from the earth movers and the steamroller effect of the wind turbine industry.

Dale McKain Milton-Freewater
link to additional correspondence between Dale & Sen Nelson
~~~~~~~~~ the following correspondence is IMPORTANT! ~~~~~~~~~~~
(the letter above prompted the e-mail exchange below)

To the Members of Friends of Grande Ronde Valley;

Below are emails between Senator David Nelson, and one of our Blue Mountain Alliance members, Dale McKain.  We urge you to read them and follow Senator Nelson's suggestions to email the governor through the Governor's contact, Tim Nesbitt,  You could forward a copy of your letter to President of the Oregon Senate and Co-Chair of Ways and Means, and to who is Speaker of the House and to who is the House Co-Chair of Ways and Means. 

The Friends of Grande Ronde Valley and the Blue Mountain Alliance need to join together and do everything possible to stop the onslaught of these machines eating up the landscape.  It is quite evident that our local politicians will not stand up to these habitat-destroying foreign corporations for a "few pieces of silver" that are actually coming from our own pockets.  We want our tax dollars helping our local businesses and residents.

We believe in the power of the people and urge you to contact the Oregon legislators and the Oregon governor and tell them they must halt the BETC program NOW. 

Thank you for taking your time to read this email - don't forget to read the messages below between Senator Nelson and Dale McKain - and please follow-through and tell our government officials how you really feel and what you want them to do, on behalf of their citizens and the wildlife and habitats of Oregon.

Sincerely, your friends in a shared vision,
The Blue Mountain Alliance
Greetings Neighbor,
Just a quick note here (follows below) from Sen. David here. He is asking that anyone with an interest in halting / slowing down the carpet covering of industrial wind turbines across eastern Oregon, (with YOUR TAX $$$'s/ OR state TAX credits) please write an email to the following government individuals expressing YOUR concern.
Please pass this info from Sen. David along to anyone/everyone you know that might be concerned with the way their TAX dollars are paying for the corporate profits of industrial wind turbines in Oregon.
Thank you, Dale McKain
----- Original Message -----
From: "Sen Nelson" <>
To: "Dale McKain & Kittee Custer" <>
Sent: Tuesday, August 31, 2010 10:32 PM
Subject: RE: State should not be subsidizing...
Dale,   One plan to stop the development of the windmills is to limit theamount of State subsidies.   I am advocating holding back $80 million of BETC credits approved by the Special Session in 2010.   Could you forward an email to the Governor advocating your position and suggesting a cooling off
period so the Legislature can deal with this issue? The Governor's contact is NESBITT Tim * GOV   
Thank you.    David (Senator David Nelson)
Dale,   Yes, I saw it and had a conversation and sent it to the Senate President. His reaction was surprise because he thought this was an economic development issue and everyone in Eastern Oregon supported it. Could you organize a letter campaign to the Governor and the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House with the opposition to the siting?  
David (Senator David Nelson)
Dale,    I located the Governor's contact NESBITT Tim * GOV, you could forward a copy of your letter to, President of the Oregon Senate and Co-Chair
of Ways and means, one to, Speaker of the House and
one to, House Co-Chair of Ways and Means.
David (Senator David Nelson)
Don't know if you saw this...

Senator David Nelson, is circulating it around the OR State government offices
and submitting it to the Big O in Portland.

Maybe we can make a change in how our money is spent.
Best regards,  Dale
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