Oregon Trail 1849
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Oregon Trail Craig Mtn Ladd Canyon
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One of the many creatures that lives on Craig Mountain.
photo by Cathy Nowak

Pileated Woodpecker
photo by Cathy Nowak

Sage Grouse
Sage Grouse

Bats are bad for mosquitoes
and good for us

No to Wind Towers
by Robert Thompson

simulation looking southeast
Simulation - looking South East from Union Sports Complex

Drainage (watershed) letter & Map
Letter to Oregon Department of Energy
" ... after review of Horizon proposal and drainage map ...  obvious there will be a significant loss of wetlands on Craig Mountain by construction of the project.  ..." 
    Read the letter and view the map to understand one of the many issues we have in our opposition to the Antelope Ridge Wind Farm. 

See the 3 Routes of Boardman to Hemmingway Transmission Lines
Three Transmission lines have been proposed between Boardman and Hemmingway.  These lines will be the conduit for the expansion of Wind Factories in Eastern Oregon.  The closer the transmission lines are to you, the closer more new wind factories will be to your backdoor. 

Snowy Craig Mountain
Snowy Craig Mountain on the southwest border of Union County. 
164 wind turbines are looking for a home atop Craig Mountain.  At last count there are 83 eagles soaring above and along this pristine area.   Wind turbines are expected to kill over half of them.  State and federal subsidies make wind "factories possible".  We're not stopping the wheels of progress if those wheels are not getting us where we want to go. 

FGRV sign Cove Hwy
This sign will only temporarily ruin the view of our valley hills and mountains.  This is area between Union and Cove.  It's beautiful to us, it's room for expansion to wind companies.  Wind monitors are sprouting up in several other areas in Union County.  Stop them now.

FGRV sign Hwy 203 North Union
The distance between this small Friends of Grande Ronde Valley sign and the proposed 400 plus foot tall turbines will not seem that small once they surround Union on our southern, western and eastern hills. 

FGRV sign South Main Street
Just beyond this sign and houses is the Buffalo Peak Golf Course. Once any wind turbines are located on those yonder hills, golfers will be sure to "keep their eyes on the ball" just to not see the towering turbines hovering over them. 

Industrial Construction Site
A "Wind Farm" sprouting up.  They will keep sprouting all around us using our tax dollars if we don't stop them now.

On top of nacelle
That's quite a big machine atop 400 feet of steel.  Wonder how much noise it makes?  Wonder how the birds get along with these machines that are right in the migration path to Ladd Marsh?  Wonder how many bats will be killed by those blades?  Wonder how much more county funding will be needed for extra vector control to kill off the mosquitoes that would have been dinner for the bats?  It's a wonder that we've almost fallen for it again.  Wonder if you'll join us in fighting against "wind factories"? 

Ruined View Somewhere else
A ruined view somewhere else.  Is this what we want our hills and mountains to look like?  Doesn't noise echo across a valley?  Whooomp, whooomp, whoomp.  If that's not the right word, then don't do anything now and get back to us later and give us the correct spelling for the sound you hear night and day. 

Endless Turbines Somewhere else
Endless turbines, they'll keep sprouting, and sprouting and sprouting.  Windy valley floors are great locations for wind "farms", easy access, constuction costs lower.  Hey, we live in a windy valley.  What's next?  Anything for $$$$?

foot print of gas to electric
Compare the area (foot print) of this gas powered electic plant to the thousands of acres needed for a "Wind Factory".  Compare the cost per k Wh.  Compare the use of your tax dollars for both. 

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"Windbaggers are a new version of Carpetbaggers.  Eastern states are beginning to refuse wind farms in their towns, so the "windbaggers" are heading west where officials, codes, and smaller communities are ill prepared for what the wind is blowing in."
quote from  B. A. Lert

Liberty vs turbine

jumbo jets smaller than blades